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Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, The $9 Million Money Shot

Posted November 21, 2018 under Sports

Tiger vs. Phil

The $9 Million Money Shot!

11/20/2018 4:36 PM PST

Ever wonder what $9 MILLION in cash looks like?  Well, here ya go … 

Here’s the cash prize that’s being offered to the winner of the Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson 1-on-1 golf tournament on Friday. 

While the guys were getting ready for Tuesday’s big media event at Shadow Creek in Nevada to promote “The Match” … our friends at “The Vegas Take with Sharp and Shapiro” snapped a pic of the cash prize on the table in the clubhouse locker room. 

Each yellow band of $100 bills contains $10,000 in cash — and, if you need some help with the math, it takes 900 of those stacks to make $9 mil. 

Phil previously told TMZ Sportssome of the money will go to the Children of the 58 fund — which will provide scholarships to the children of the 58 people killed in the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.

Another portion will go to Birdies for the Brave — a foundation started by Phil and his wife — dedicated to supporting wounded military vets. 

The golf legends are already making personal bets with each other — including a $200,000 wager on the 1st hole! 

We’re hoping that money goes to charity too! 

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