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Dennis Hof Wins Election For Nevada State Assembly Seat Weeks After Death

Posted November 7, 2018 under Politics

Dennis Hof

Dead Brothel Honcho

Wins Nevada Election

11/6/2018 11:10 PM PST

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Voters in Nevada just elected a dead pimp to the State Assembly, sort of … voting in Dennis Hof only 3 weeks after the famous brothel owner died at one his whorehouses. 

Dennis was still on the ballot as a Republican candidate for the Nevada state legislature, despite being found dead Oct. 16 at his famed Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada … and he beat out Democratic opponent Lesia Romanov in a landslide.

Polling places posted signs alerting voters to Hof’s death, but that didn’t stop them from voting for the man who made a living running sex ranches

During his campaign, Dennis nicknamed himself the “Trump from Pahrump,” in reference to the town where he lived in Nevada … and he got over 60 percent of the vote in the heavily Republican district he was favored to win.

Because a dead man won the election, the seat is still considered vacant and will be filled by the county commissioners, who will select a fellow Republican who resides in the district to serve Dennis’ 2-year term. 

What a country!

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