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D.A. in Harvey Weinstein Case Says 'I Have Trick Up My Sleeve'

Posted October 29, 2018 under Movies

Harvey Weinstein

D.A. Says He Has Some Tricks Up His Sleve

… Despite Witness Tampering

10/29/2018 1:00 AM PDT


The Manhattan D.A. prosecuting Harvey Weinstein says he’s got something up his sleeve … doubling down the criminal case will move forward despite some major setbacks.

Cyrus Vance Jr. told our producer at an event Thursday night in NYC  … he’s confident the remaining counts against Weinstein will stick … this after Vance agreed to dismiss one of the sexual assault counts after learning lead detective, Nicholas DiGaudio, allegedly engaged in witness tampering.

Check out the audio … Vance won’t take a stand with our producer on whether or not the detective’s actions were criminal. Our producer persisted and said the detective was involved in all of the counts against Weinstein, so it stands to reason the entire case may be tainted.

Vance shot back, not so fast …

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